I´ve been painting in oils for over twenty years. During that time I´ve received my Bachelors degree in Fine Arts, have been selected for local collections, invited to exhibit in various locations locally, have sold numerous pieces, and chaired an Art Director position on the Orlando Modern Art Collection committee.

I received my B.F.A. from Rollins College, Winter Park, FL in the spring of 2000. At Rollins College, a small private institution, I studied closely under national and internationally renowned artists such as Anita Wooten and Tanja Softic. There I learned the importance of independent thought in addition to traditional disciplines and techniques. I was encouraged to participate in critiques, to explore the historical and contemporary movements within the history of art, and the importance of incorporating one´s own history and influences in the work.

I was drawn to painting at an early age and have explored various mediums, but currently paint in oils. I enjoy the flexibility of painting in oils; its ability to incorporate other mediums, to easily adjust its viscosity its and depth. My current work has shown an increased use of varying brush strokes, textures, and line strengths through the incorporation of oil sticks and grease pencils. I tend to choose colors that reinforce the mood, such as cool blues, fiery reds, and contrasts of the muted and undefined to the brilliant. Through a loose application of paint, and the utilization of layers, I allow the work to develop and take its own direction. I then tighten the image ever so slightly by sketching in relevant forms. My work also relies heavily on shapes and spatial relations to communicate an underlying environment.